Growing up too fast

Adults appear to be fascinated by young prodigies. I notice it every single day on my Facebook news feed – friends sharing the latest youtube video showing a 5 year-old kid playing basketball like a pro or the brand-new Sia clip featuring twelve year old dancer Maddie Ziegler.

They also love hearing children reflecting on the environment, the use of abortion or how disgracefully immoral the global banking system has become.

On my part, it makes me uncomfortable whenever I see a kid acting like an adult… But hey, since most people seem to enjoy this kind of stuff, I have decided to start a new photo series with little boys and girls doing grown-up activities. We’ll find out if people deem it cute… or disturbing.


I’m looking for kids aged between 8-12 for this photo session. Let me know here if you are interested. Ooohh and, as I’m quite sure that some of you are wondering: children just PRETEND to drink and smoke in this photo series. They don’t do this for real!!